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A Collection of Fabric Swatches Used Within the Garment Industry
(Actual fabric swatches in a zipped bag)

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A Collection of Fabric Swatches Used Within the Garment Industry

A simple product offering samples of different, separately labeled fabric swatches to assist students with their studies in both fabric identification and design.  Key features include:

  • 80 different fabric swatches
  • Each swatch is approximately 6” x 4”
  • Each swatch has a separate label identifying the name, width and fiber content of the fabric (best estimate of %’s for blends)
  • Selection of fabrics included
  • Zipped plastic bag
  • Fabrics held together with a rubber band and separately labeled
Selection of fabrics likely to be included
  • Athletic Knit or Double Piqué Knit  (­Polyester)
  • Bouclé (Acrylic/Wool)
  • Broadcloth (Polyester/Cotton)
  • Burn Out (Silk Blend)
  • Chambray (Cotton)
  • Charmeuse (Silk)
  • Chiffon (Silk)
  • Chiffon
  • Crinkle (Silk)Corduroy (Cotton/Lycra)Crepe (Wool Blend)
  • Crepe Faille ( Polyester/Rayon)
  • Cotton Lace (Cotton)
  • Denim , 4 oz (Cotton/Polyester)
  • Denim, 6 oz (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Denim, 8 oz Acid Washed (Cotton)
  • Denim, 8 oz (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Denim, 8 oz Yarn Dyed (Cotton/Polyester/Lycra)
  • Denim, 10 oz (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Denim, 10 oz (Cotton)
  • Denim, 12 oz (Cotton)
  • Denim, 14 oz Bull (Cotton)
  • Double Knit (Rayon/Nylon/Spandex)
  • Doupioni (Silk)
  • Eyelet (Cotton/Polyester)
  • Faille (Rayon)
  • Fancy Knit (Cotton/Polyester)
  • Faux Fur (Polyester/Lycra)
  • Flannel (Cotton)
  • Flannel, Woolen (Wool Blend)
  • Gabardine (Wool)
  • Fleece, Sweatshirt (Cotton/Polyester)
  • French Terry Cloth (Cotton)
  • Cavalry Twill (Wool)
  • Gauze (Cotton)
  • Georgette (Polyester)
  • Gingham (Cotton)
  • Interlock (Polyester)
  • Jersey (Cotton)
  • Jersey (Cotton/Rayon/Spandex)
  • Jersey (Silk)
  • Jersey, Burn-Out (Cotton)
  • Jersey, Printed (Rayon/Polyester)
  • Jersey, Slub (Polyester/Rayon/Spandex)
  • Jersey, Stretch (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Jersey, Tissue (Cotton)
  • Lace (Polyester/Lycra)
  • Lawn (Cotton)
  • Linen (Linen)
  • Liquid Lamé (Polyester/Lycra)
  • Matte Jersey (Polyester)
  • Mesh (Nylon/Lycra)
  • Microfiber Jersey (Polyester/Lycra)
  • Organza (Silk)
  • Thermal Knit (Cotton)
  • Piqué, Woven (Cotton)
  • Pocketing (Polyester/Cotton)
  • Novelty Knit (Polyester/Rayon)
  • Poplin, 4 oz (Cotton)
  • Poplin, Stretch (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Rib Knit, 1 x 1 (Cotton)
  • Rib Knit, 2 x 2 (Wool)
  • Sateen (Cotton)
  • Satin (Polyester)
  • Sateen (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Seersucker (Cotton)
  • Sequin (Nylon/Lycra Mesh w/Polyester Sequin)
  • Shantung (Silk)
  • Slinky (Polyester)
  • Suede Cloth, Crinkle (Polyester)
  • Taffeta, Satin Striped (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Tricot, Lining Weight (Polyester)
  • Tulle (Nylon)
  • Twill (Cotton)
  • Twill, Stretch (Cotton/Lycra)
  • Velour (Cotton)
  • Velour, Crushed (Polyester)
  • Velvet (Rayon)
  • Velvet Knit (Polyester/Lycra)
  • Velveteen (Cotton)
  • Voile (Cotton)



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shell Thompson, Faculty

    I use the swatch packet for our Trend and Design class, where students are required to design in wovens and knits for the junior and contemporary markets, as well as create a premium denim collection. The swatches are big enough that they have leftovers for future projects and the labels help to reinforce what the students know about identifying different fabrics. I can accurately check the construction, based on knowing the fabric compositions. Unlike any product I have been able to find on the market, it’s an essential resource for any design class.

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